Dunlop Displays its New Tyre SP SPORTS MAXX 050+ in Dubai

Dunlop Displays its New Tyre SP SPORTS MAXX 050+ in Dubai
March 13, 2016 Comments Off on Dunlop Displays its New Tyre SP SPORTS MAXX 050+ in Dubai Blog Betty Davis


Dunlop has launched a new addition to its family of tyres as it dDunlop is a well-known tyre company and offers its extensive tyres range to the different models of Nissan, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Aston Martin, Lexus and BMW. These tyres are available in an assembly of 63 different sizes varying from 16-inches to 22-inches. The tyres developed by Dunlop for all varying car categories including the sedans, hatchbacks, sports cars, luxury cars and super cars. The tyres are of high quality and durability and make sure that the concept of safety and endurance is sustained well through a drive. The best thing about Dunlop as a Tyre brand is the fact that they continue to add new innovations and technologies to their armoury and build solutions in correspondence with the modern day demands of car tyres. Car tyres need to be more responsive, intelligent, strong and long lasting to be categorized as the best and this is the aim of Dunlop with the launch of the newest of its Tyres SP SPORTS MAXX 050.

Autodrome Show in Dubai Displayed SP SPORTS MAXX 050+

Dunlop arranged a series of shows in which it launched its newly made tyre “SP SPORTS MAXX 050+”. These events were organized at Dubai Autodrome. The event welcomed the guests to take the test drive in order to check the exclusive features and performance of the tyre especially wet braking, dry handling and lateral hydroplaning. The previous product was Sports MAXX TT and considered as core product due to high performance and strength. Now, the new improved product, SP SPORTS MAXX 050+, is here with premium features. These tyres are designed with asymmetric pattern and are able to perform under dry and wet conditions with ultimate comfort.


Improvements made in Newly Launched Tyre:

It is pertinent to know the extent of improvement made in these tyres as compared to the previous version MAXX TT. Here is the answer:

  • MAXX 050+ tyre is improved by 5 percent in terms of dry handling
  • The new tyre is 3 percent more efficient in dry braking
  • Lateral hydroplaning has been improved up to 4 percent
  • 7 percent efficacy has been improved in wet braking

In order to reduce the tread profile expansion, new tyres are manufactured by utilizing more than two nylon-reinforced layers to give high rigidity. This layer contains optimized silica content adopting 4-D Nano-design. Road adhesion and wet performance have been upgraded by using a high silica compound.

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