Tyre Reviews – 5 Significant Things to Know About Tyres

Tyre Reviews – 5 Significant Things to Know About Tyres
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In order to choose right tyres for your car, you should read tyre reviews and gather tyres information. Tyres are an important part of a vehicle and they constantly remain in contact with the road, thus friction causes damage to tyres. The regular maintenance of tyres is necessary to keep your journey safe. Whenever you think to purchase new tyres you should make this decision carefully. The first thing you need to ask yourself is “Do I really need new tyres”?

By inspecting old car tyres and observing tread wears, you can judge the age and condition of tyres. If you find signs of cracks and bulges in tyres, this means they are near to worn out. Some car owners think of tyre repair option, but this option is only feasible when tyres are new and present in good condition.

Here we will talk about five significant things that you need to know about car tyres.

Tyre Reviews – Time to Replace Tyres

As discussed above, there is no specific time period for replacing car tyres because it depends on tyres condition. Usually, when you inspect wheel and tyre damage, you can make a better decision. According to some tyre manufacturers, if tread punctures of tyres are larger than 0.64 cm, you shouldn’t repair it. Furthermore, the tyres worn below 1.6mm should never be repaired as it could lead to a dangerous situation.

Tyre Reviews - Time to Replace Tyres

Tyres Air Pressure

If you maintain car tyres in good condition, they last longer. The helpful tip is to maintain correct air pressure in the tyres and check for manufacturers recommended tyre pressure. The accurate tyre pressure not only increases the car’s performance but enhances the fuel-efficiency as well. Whenever you feel the loss of tyre pressure, go to some certified tyre shop and have tyre inspection.

Tyres Air Pressure

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Load Bearing Capacity of Tyres

Whenever you purchase new car tyre, you should be aware of the load bearing capacity or load index of a tyre. By reading car manufacturer guide and tyre reviews you can know load index of tyres. Make sure the new tyres you purchase have same or more load bearing capacity than old tyres.

Speed Rating

The tyre manufacturers have made tyres with different speed ratings. The speed rating determines the speed category of the vehicle. Thus, it is always recommended to choose tyres by considering manufacturer’s prescribed speed range.

Purchase Matching Tyres

It is always recommended to purchase four matching tyres. The new tyres would have equal tread pattern that will provide enhanced control and handling. However, if you are buying only two new tyres you should place them at the rear axle. It will provide better stability and traction while driving.

Purchase Matching Tyres

Therefore, you should replace old tyres when you actually need it. For buying new tyres, you should read tyre reviews and search for tyres for sale. If you have a short budget, you should look for budget tyres. By doing tyre comparison, you can purchase a right set of tyres for your car.

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