Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, its Working, and Benefits

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, its Working, and Benefits
April 18, 2016 Comments Off on Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, its Working, and Benefits Blog Betty Davis

Tyers are the base of a car and they need to be in the best condition to maintain safety while driving. The main purpose to install the tyre pressure monitoring system in tyres is to alert the driver of any possible wear and tear of tyres, turbulent road condition or any inflation related concern. Tyre pressure monitoring system is not a new technology. It was first introduced back in 1992. Many other technologies for tyres have been introduced since then to maximize the efficacy of car tyres and to keep them in best order for safe driving. Tyre Pressure Monitoring System bears primary importance in this regard and has been one of the key technologies to help drivers maintain their tyres.

How TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring system) Works

Tyre pressure monitoring system warns the driver of the poor tyre condition by monitoring the irregularities recorded by it in the functioning of the tyres. A sensor is fitted inside the tyre’s valve. This sensor transmits the details and displays them on the dashboard to alert the driver if tire pressure is low.

Types of tyre pressure monitoring system

There are two kinds of tyre pressure monitoring systems. One works directly and the other performs indirectly. One measures the pressure directly through the sensor that is fitted inside the tyre valve while the other determines the performance of the vehicle. It’s pretty obvious that an inappropriate tyre pressure affects the performance of the vehicle. These monitoring systems keep the driver aware of any possible irregularity recorded in the pressure of tyres.

Benefits of using TPMS

Tyres provide the base and the core strength to any vehicle. Their reliability, performance, durability and most importantly safety matters a lot and they need to be maintained well. In this matter, TPMS plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and long life of tyres.

Let’s have a look at two important benefits of having the tyre pressure monitoring system:

Safety on the Roads

Cracked or under-inflated tires are dangerous in many terms. For example, if you’re driving on the highway at high speed, the cracked and worn out tread tyres can cause you to suffer badly because of their condition. Tyre pressure monitoring system keeps a check and balance on such situations. Tyres under-inflation burn more gasoline that’s why it is necessary to keep tyres in proper inflation.

Increase in the Value of  Vehicle

A tyre pressure monitoring system keeps the driver alert about the condition of tyres and helps you maintain them for longer term. Tires in good order increase the value of your vehicle. With the help of this technology of TPMS, drivers don’t need to use typical manual gauges to check tire pressure.

Importance of Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Driving a car becomes very tough when you don’t have a monitoring system for your tyres. The system allows you to understand the varying conditions and pressure rates of your tyres and helps you get rid of any mighty damage to your car due to bad condition of tyres.

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