Off-Road Tyres – Things You Need to Know

Off-Road Tyres – Things You Need to Know
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Several adventure-ready vehicles feature off-road tyres, which are important for making these cars suitable for motor sports (dune bashing) and off-road adventures. The UAE car market is full of off-road vehicles that feature many types of tyres including mud tyres, all-terrain tyres, plus-sized tyres and highway terrain tyres etc. Motorists can choose these tyres according to their commuting requirements and personal preferences. Following are the pros and cons of all above-mentioned tyres, which can help the car owners in making an intelligent choice while buying new tyres for their vehicles.

Off-Road Tyres – Mud-terrain Tyres

One of the most common problems that are faced by the owners of off-road cars is that they choose wrong off-road tyres. There are different kinds of tyres available in the UAE for different types of vehicles including BMW tyres for luxury vehicles and off-road tyres for adventure-ready vehicles. The car owners have to choose very carefully which tyres are best suited for their off-roader as this decision is going to affect their adventure journeys.

Mud-terrain Tyres

Advantages of Using Mud-Terrain Tyres

Mud-terrain tyres are off-road tyres that have been designed to offer better grip on mud-terrain and rock shelves. These tyres have deep tread patterns and do not get punctured easily if used on the right kind of track. Mud-terrain tyres are very good for using on mud, sand and snowy terrain as these offer better traction on such surfaces.

Disadvantages of Using Mud-terrain Tyres

On the other hand, the mud- terrain tyres are the costliest SUV tyres as they consume more fuel in comparison to all-terrain tyres. The mud-terrain tyres cannot be used on regular basis as they are very noisy and do not offer any rolling resistance, unlike the all-terrain tyres and highway tyres. Therefore, if your commuting requirement is once in a month then you can use mud-terrain tyres, otherwise you should opt for some other kind of off-road tyres that are more suitable.

All-terrain Tyres

When you are buying new car tyres for your off-road cars make sure that you opt for all-terrain tyres as these are the most reliable among off-road tyres available in the UAE. These tyres have better grip as compared to highway tyres, which is why it is better to buy these tyres to make off-road journeys stress-free.

Advantages of Using All-terrain Tyres

The all-terrain tyres are less efficient than mud tyres and when there is a choice between the two make sure you pick the second one. The reason is that all-terrain tyres do not perform well on the muddy terrain and the driver will have to face a lot of stress while driving with these tyres. However, these tyres have better load rating as compared to the highway terrain tyres, which makes it a good option for buyers of off-road tyres.

All-terrain Tyres

The all-terrain tyres are one of the most sought-after SUV tyres that can be used for adventure-ready vehicles. These tyres have a long lifespan, which is why you will not have to change these tyres after every road trip. Like mud-terrain tyres, all-terrain tyres do not get punctured easily when driven on sand, gravel, rock or concrete roads. Hence, the all-terrain tyres are the off-road tyres that offer a smooth and stress-free driving experience on all kinds of challenging terrain.

The all-terrain tyres are very famous among off-road drivers as these have a long lifetime. If you plan for an off-roading trip twice or thrice a month than opting for all-terrain tyres will be a good idea.

Disadvantages of Using All-terrain Tyres

The all-terrain tyres are not very good for driving in snowy and muddy terrain as these do not offer a very good handle power. These tyres are extremely expensive and cost even more than the highway terrain tyres.

Tips for Maintaining Off-road Tyres

No matter what kind of off-road tyres you buy, it is important that you keep them maintained over the years of their use. To keep your SUV tyres well-maintained, you need to follow some important tips. You have to check the off-road tyres of your vehicle for regular and periodic maintenance to keep them in good shape over a long period. Even the best Mercedes tyres can suddenly blowout if their valves are not tightly fitted which causes low pressure in tyres. Therefore, the off-road tyres which have enormous pressure on them must have their valves checked regularly.


Choosing the best off-road tyres is important for enjoying a stress-free driving experience. There are so many kinds of off-road tyres available in the market including highway tyres, mud-terrain tyres and all-terrain tyres. You can select any of these tyres to enjoy a hassle-free driving experience on challenging terrains. One thing that you should keep in mind is to choose off-road tyres that suit your commuting requirements, personal preferences, budget and the terrain on which these will mostly be driven. Along with this, the owners of off-road vehicles must follow some important car maintenance tips for enjoying value for money whenever they decide to sell their cars in Dubai.

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