Mercedes Tyres – 3 Best Tyres for Mercedes-Benz Cars in the UAE

Mercedes Tyres – 3 Best Tyres for Mercedes-Benz Cars in the UAE
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The brand Mercedes-Benz itself has an important place in the automotive industry while choosing the right Mercedes tyres becomes essential to get the best performance. Being one of the most recognisable and esteemed car brands, choosing the best tyres for Mercedes cars is essential, as the cars are always equipped with best-in-class features and performance that make it stands apart from the rest. Mainly, summer and winter Mercedes tyres are used for cars in the UAE recommended by the manufacturer. While the engineers at Mercedes-Benz has also engineered some high-performance tyres with the help of industry’s best tyres’ manufacturers. The high-performance and precision are what Mercedes-Benz cars are made of, and thus fitting your vehicle with the appropriate tyres is essential to enhance the longevity, comfort and fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

Many car owners consider buying fake or low-quality car tyres for their vehicle in pursuit of saving some money, while they are not aware of the fact that it leads to bigger losses. The security of passengers is compromised, high consumption of fuel if your car’s tyres are not in optimum condition and also harming the environment as well. The car owners find premium quality tyres as an expensive option, however, choosing the right car tyres for your vehicle is important just like the carefully your vehicle was selected. The UAE weather requires the summer tyres for the most part of the year while winter tyres are also used in some part of the Gulf.

Here are 3 best Mercedes Benz recommended tires available in the UAE that perform great and enhance the driving experience of your vehicle.

Michelin Energy Saver for Mercedes-Benz S-Class

These tyres by the Michelin brand offer smooth drive, enhanced safety without compromising the environment. These fuel-efficient tyres are robust, have lesser chances of damage and provide control over the vehicle for better handling. The Michelin Energy Saver tyres are fit for sedans, MPVs and city cars, provide more safety to the passenger and used fewer fuels. Also, the shorter braking distance provides better control and safety. While the Michelin Energy Saver tyres have outstanding longevity and last up to 6,000 miles to an estimate.

michelin-energy-saver-for-mercedes-benz s-class

The less wear and tear makes them more reliable tyres in the UAE and perfect for summer seasons. The silica-based rubber compound and durable security compound provides more safety even on the wet roads. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan performs best with the Michelin Energy Saver tyres which are easily available in the UAE market as well.

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Pirelli P Zero Summer Tyres for Mercedes A-Class

The Pirelli’s newly built P Zero range is the most high-performance and advanced technology tyres offering great drive for all passenger cars, sporty and SUVs. Being the best summer times for the UAE, these Mercedes tyres are built for optimum performance which once can expect from the Mercedes A-Class cars. The Pirelli P Zero tyres provide improved braking experience, better control and handling of the vehicle and the asymmetric tread pattern enhances the performance of these tyres. Also, these summer tyres for Mercedes-Benz A-Class sub-compact sedan work best in aquaplaning situations while the Nano-composite compound enables these tyres for maximum stability and grip. Furthermore, the steering response is improved and causes uniform tread wear. Reflecting longer life of the tyres and better performance on the UAE roads.


Pirelli P Zero tyres are popular among the UAE car owners but being of premium quality, priced high that matches with the performance. Whereas, the latest technologies and design elements like “S-Shaped” grooves on the tread area, reduce the cabin noise for a quiet and comfortable ride every time.

Dunlop SP Sport Maxx TT for Mercedes-Benz CLS

The best tyres for Mercedes CLS are by the Dunlop, having advanced technologies and best performance. These Mercedes tyres fit both mid-class and luxury vehicles and offer a great ride every time. The Mercedes-Benz CLS is a midsize sedan is luxury segment having sporty appeal and excellent performance. For which the Dunlop tyres add more to the performance output and enhances the appeal of this sedan. Having the best performance in the midsize segment, the Mercedes-Benz recommends the best tyres to match with the performance of the Mercedes CLS sedan. According to reviews, the Dunlop SP Sport Maxx TT has excellent dry grip and road feedback. Furthermore, they offer excellent handling and comfort. The tread design is made to have a uniform wear making the Mercedes tyres last longer than other brand tyres.


Being a max performance summer times, the Dunlop SP Sport Maxx TT is best for the UAE roads and make the Mercedes-Benz passenger cars more efficient in driving. Also, the advanced motor inspired tread maintains the tread life and excellent handling on dry and wet grips. The Max Flange Shield technology helps to protect tyre rims and saves the passengers from accidental curb damage. The advanced technologies such as Touch Technology, Multi-Radius Tread Technology, and unique bead fit system and Dupont Kevlar technology enables the tyre to perform well.

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Buy Mercedes Original Tyres

Though there are many car tyres available in the market, low quality and fake car tyres not only are a bad investment but also put your security on risk and affect the performance of your vehicle too. Mercedes-Benz has reputation of making luxury and high-performance vehicles, while fitting low quality or fake tyres will not enable the vehicle to give optimum performance. It is highly recommended to use the Mercedes Benz recommended tyres, which are easily available in the UAE.

Throughout the year, there are many promotions where you can buy appropriate and premium quality Mercedes tyres at an affordable price. The car owners must be sure of the fact that proper care enhances the lifespan of their vehicle and thus to get the best out of your purchase, owners must keep the car tyres in the best condition. As proper care and maintenance lead to better performance of your vehicle, making your Mercedes-Benz vehicle giving the best and most comfortable ride every time.

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