Important Tips to Maintain Car Tyres in Summers

Important Tips to Maintain Car Tyres in Summers
June 16, 2020 Comments Off on Important Tips to Maintain Car Tyres in Summers Blog Betty Davis

Tyres are a vital part of your vehicle and you need to follow important tips to maintain your car tyres during the summer season. Today, there are many tyre companies available in the market that are producing advanced tyres. However, with rising temperatures and roads absorbing extra heat in summers, the tyres of your cars can get damaged if they are not maintained.

With the rise in the number of tyre companies, you are always looking to buy the best price tyres. The experts, on the other hand, recommend you follow important car tyre maintenance tips for better performance of the vehicle. If the tyres of the vehicle are not maintained properly, it badly affects fuel efficiency and overall maintenance of the vehicle.

Here are some important maintenance tips for the tyres of your car to help you avoid any damage during the summer season. 

Buy Quality Car Tyres

Buying quality tyres for your vehicle is important during summers for better performance of the vehicle.  While buying tyres in the market, you need to keep considering that you are buying them for the summer season when roads are absorbing extra heat. It is always important for you to research the market or you can visit the online platforms of tyre companies to decide which tyres you are going to buy that will perform better during the summer season. The leading car tyres experts always recommend you buy the correct size and tyres designed for the particular driving conditions. In addition to this, you need to consider the size of your rim while buying tyres to save money and time. Likewise, when you are buying tyres for your vehicle, you need to avoid mixing them to improve the performance of the vehicle. Tyres affect the handling and grip of the vehicle on a road and you need to ensure that you buy tyres of the same brand without mixing them. The tyres of your car need to be the same make and model to ensure better performance of the vehicle during the summer season. Therefore, buying quality tyres of the same company always ensures better performance of the vehicle.

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Car and Tyres – Keep them Rotating

Summer is a season when tyres of your car are going to absorb extra heat on the road. You need to keep your tyres rotating to avoid any damage during summers. The front tyres of your vehicle are more vulnerable during the summer season as they have to bear the weight of the engine and deal with steering and brake forces. It has always been recommended by the leading car tyre experts that you keep rotating your car tyres after every 5,000 to 8,000 kilometers or according to your schedule. You need to understand that your tyres last longer when you rotate them even if the wear is not obvious. Therefore, rotating your car tyres is always important and you can rotate your car tyres yourself or you can visit a tyre shop.

Best Car Tyres – Keep them Properly Inflated

When the tyres of your vehicle are properly inflated, you can achieve a better performance of the vehicle. Properly inflated tyres reduce the chances of getting burst on roads during the summer season as roads absorb extra heat. The leading car tyre experts always recommend that both over-inflated tyres and under-inflated tyres negatively affect the performance of the vehicle. Over-inflated tyres, may not accelerate, steer, or brake properly. The access pressure of 20% can reduce the life of a tyre by up to 10,000 kilometers. In addition to this, if the vehicle is heavily laden, over-inflated tyres result in unpredictable handling and tread wear.

Similarly, under-inflated tyres are not good for the vehicle as it can seriously damage the tyres. Under-inflated tyres, limit the performance of the vehicle by negatively affecting its handling. The under-inflated tyres of the vehicle have higher rolling resistance that increases the fuel consumption of your vehicle. It causes stress on the sidewalls of the tyres and can cause premature failure. Likewise, the rim forces under-inflated tyres sideways in cornering that can lead to tyre dislodging. Additionally, the under-inflated tyres cause excessive wear on both outer edges that can lead to tyre burst during the summer season.

Therefore, for the better performance of your car tyres, you need to keep them properly inflated. You can check the tyre pressure once a week and you can maintain it according to the manufacturer-recommended pressure.

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Budget Car Tyres – Wheel Alignment

When you are looking to follow car tyre maintenance tips, the leading experts always recommend wheel alignment as it plays an important role in ensuring your safety on the road. It is always important for your vehicle to have its suspension geometry correct to ensure better handling on the road. It has been recommended by the experts that you need to check the alignment of your tyres every 5,000 kilometers. Once you find any irregular wear, you need to go to the tyre shop for the alignment. Therefore, to ensure the longevity of your car tyres during the summer season, it is important to have correctly aligned wheels and axles of the vehicle.

Keep a Regular Check

During the summer season, the roads absorb extra heat and you need to keep a regular check of your tyres. The most important thing you need to do is to inspect the age of your tyres because tyres deteriorate even though they are in acceptable condition. If your tyres are six years older, you can get them inspected by a tyre expert and if there is a need to replace them then buy quality tyres for your vehicle. Likewise, during the summer season, you can replace oxygen with nitrogen as it expands less and increases the performance of the tyres. In addition to this, you need to keep the tyre valves tight to avoid any loss of pressure. Similarly, the spare tyre of your vehicle should be stored in a clean, cool and dark location and you need to ensure the tyre is clean and free of gasoline or any type of substance that could deteriorate the rubber. Therefore, keeping a regular check of your tyres keep them inflated during the summer season.

Key Takeaways!

The roads absorb extra heat during the summer season and to get better performance of your vehicle, you need to maintain your car tyres. Tyres are a vital part of the vehicle and you need to properly maintain them for the safety of your vehicle in the summer season. You can follow these above-mentioned car tyre maintenance tips that are easy to follow and protect your tyres from any type of damage during the summer season.

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