Identifying the Best Time to Change Car Tyres

Identifying the Best Time to Change Car Tyres
September 14, 2020 Comments Off on Identifying the Best Time to Change Car Tyres Blog Betty Davis

Car tyres are one of the most important part of every vehicle and should be taken care of as thoroughly as all other mechanical parts of a car. Car tyres are available in a wide variety as different types of tyres are made for specific weather and road conditions. Motorists can easily drive on any kind of terrain and in any type of weather condition if they choose the best tyres for their vehicles. The tyres need to be carefully selected by the motorists according to their commuting requirements and more.

Car tyres also need to be properly maintained and motorists should know when to change the tyres for a number of reasons. If a tyre is worn out it can cause fatal road incidents, which can be avoided if the motorists keep a check on the tyres. Old and worn out tyres are vulnerable to sudden tyre blowouts, which can cause dangerous road accidents.

Therefore, every car owner should know a few things to check so they can keep a track of the tyres’ condition and know the best time to replace them. Here are some factors that can help motorists in identifying the best time to change the car tyres.

Compromised Tread Depth

Tread depth is the measurement of a car tyre that is done vertically. The vertical measurement of a tyre is from the top of the tyre rubber to the bottom of the deepest groove in the tyre rubber. The tread depth is what gives a vehicle good traction in challenging road conditions. The more the vehicle is driven the more it affects the tread depth, which is why it is important to check the tread depth as it can decrease the traction between the tyre and road. If the traction of a vehicle is compromised it can cause unfortunate incidents while driving in bad weather conditions or on challenging terrain. Therefore, one of the main factors that can help every car owner in determining the best time to change car tyres is the tread depth of the tyres. The tread depth can be measured with the help of a tread depth gauge that is easily available in the market. Car owners should know that the ideal tread depth of a tyre should be above 1.6mm. If the tread depth is lower than this then it is an indication to change the tyres before the next road trip or adventure journey.

Check the Tyre Tread

Compromised Tread Depth

The tread of a tyre is the rubber on the circumference of the tyre that comes in contact with the road or any kind of terrain. The tyre tread provides traction to the vehicle, ensuring the stability of the vehicle and a smooth drive on different kinds of terrain. As the tyres are used for daily-life commuting or other long journeys the tyre tread is affected which decreases the traction of the vehicle. This can cause sudden blowouts and unfortunate road accidents, therefore, one of the things to keep a check on is the tyre tread. Motorists can check the tyre tread with the help of tread wear indicator bars that evaluate the tread condition of each tyre. These bars are built into the tyres and become visible as the tread starts to wear down. This can help the motorists to determine the condition of their tyres and replace them with best price tyres that are suitable for the vehicle according to the commuting requirement.

Vibration of Tyres on Smooth Roads

Another helpful way that motorists can determine the best time to change car tyres is by keeping a check on the vibration of the tyres. The motorists can experience vibrations when the vehicle is driven on challenging terrain. However, if the vehicle is driven on a smooth road and the motorists experience excessive vibrations then it can be an indicator regarding the condition of the car tyres. The car tyres can vibrate excessively if the tyres are weak, old, unbalanced, misaligned or if there is a technical fault. In such a case, it is always best to contact a professional and get the tyres and vehicle properly checked.

Aging of the Tyres

Aging of the tyres

The most important factor regarding the changing of the car tyres is the aging of the tyres. The aging of the tyres is dependant on a number of factors. These factors include the distance covered by the vehicle, the type of terrain or road condition and more. These factors can cause the car tyres to go through excessive wear and tear, which greatly affects the traction of the tyres and can be the cause of sudden blowouts. Every car tyre goes through aging, whether they are the best car tyres or not. Therefore, motorists should keep a check on the aging of the car tyres and the distance that has been covered by the tyres. A thorough check and balance can help the motorists in determining the best time to change the tyres.

Cracked Sidewalls

Whether the motorists purchase expensive or budget car tyres, they are bound to undergo wear and tear at one point or another. However, if the condition of a car tyre is determined at the right time the motorists can change the car tyres in time and prevent any unfortunate and dangerous road incidents. Therefore, apart from the factors mentioned above, another helpful way to determine the condition of the car tyres is to look for cracked sidewalls. The sidewalls of the car tyres can develop cracks with time, especially if the vehicle is driven in rough road conditions. The challenging terrain and exposure to harsh weather conditions affect the important chemicals and oils inside the rubber of the tyres. This can cause cracks and blisters to appear on the sidewalls of the tyres, which can indicate the motorists to change the tyres.

Final Takeaways!

It is helpful and essential for the motorists to have some information regarding their vehicles and all aspects of a car that include the car tyres. The tyres of a car should be well-maintained, kept well-inflated and changed at the right time to avoid any unfortunate incidents or sudden blowouts that can be dangerous. Therefore, the motorists should keep a check on the car tyres and have an idea regarding the best time to change the tyres as mentioned above.

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