Car Tyres: How Can You Select The Best Tyres For Your Car?

Car Tyres: How Can You Select The Best Tyres For Your Car?
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Car tyres are actually one of the main components of a car and this is the reason why manufacturers and experts stress upon the importance of quality tyres. Apart from its other necessary components, every car needs the top quality car tyres as well.

This is so because the tyres of a car provide it with a base to stay on, therefore, the importance of the best car tyres can never be neglected as a little negligence can expose the occupant of a car to numerous amounts of perils that may or may not be fatal.

Moving the discussion further, there are a number of contributing factors that determine the quality of the car tyres to be selected. In addition to that, it is a matter of continuous attention as the wear and tear through friction deteriorate the condition of your car tyres.

The purchasing method of the best tyres for your car is not a difficult one, the real deal is when you determine the time to make a decision about it. Let us have a look at the factors that determine the time for the tyres to be replaced.

The Right Time to Replace Tyres – Assessing Tread Punctures

The maintenance of car tyres is something that requires a keen eye to be kept on it. Tyres provide you with a couple of options for them to be either repaired or to be replaced by the new ones. However, a proper tyre inspection is required for the right decision to be made in this regard.

The Right Time to Replace Tyres – Assessing Tread Punctures

With the passage of time, a number of tread punctures appear on car tyres. The extent of these tread punctures is to be inspected for a decision to be made about the tyres. Various veterans of the tyre manufacturing industry suggest that the tyres must not be repaired if the tread punctures are larger than 0.64 cm.

On the contrary, another narrative in this regard suggests that car tyres worn below 1.6 mm should also not be repaired as it could lead to a dangerous situation.

Consistent Air Pressure Check

Another important factor to be focused upon for the maintenance of tyres is to check the air pressure on regular basis. As a matter of fact, a regular air pressure check does not only ensure long life, but also makes you able to maintain the best tyres for cars.

Consistent Air Pressure Check

Therefore, it is necessary to have a look at the car manufacturer guide in order to determine the right time for an air pressure inspection of the tyres. There are numerous advantages of having the air pressure in the car tyres inspected regularly. It does not only prolong the life of the tyres, but also makes the vehicle more fuel efficient.

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Keeping an Eye over the Bearing Capacity

Apart from the other aspects of maintenance, the car tyres are also designed to have a specific capacity for bearing the load. The renowned brands that manufacture tyres provide a manual that includes the details about the load bearing capacity of the tyres.

The load bearing capacity of the tyres is also referred to as the load index of the car tyres. Therefore, you can find the approach to maintenance under one of the two headings in a user manual.

Categorising Tyres According to Speed Range

While selecting the best tyres for cars, car enthusiasts need to take the type of vehicle they own into consideration as well. This is so because the tyres are designed keeping in view the type of the vehicle based on its speed.

Therefore, the car tyres need a lot of attention from the owner as well to be selected wisely.

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Importance of Matching Tyres

In order to enhance the stability and control of your vehicle, it is important that you always purchase all matching tyres. This is also recommended by the tyre manufacturing companies with a significant amount of emphasis.

The primary reason behind buying four matching tyres is that they will have an equally distributed tread pattern. This will ease the process of their maintenance as the wear and tear due to the friction will be seen equally divided among them.

Moreover, the other contributing factors in the corrosion of car tyres also become quite easy to be determined in this way. The user support manual for all the tyres would be the same which will provide a great deal of ease in the maintenance.

In addition to that, if the buyer requires only 2 tyres to be bought, it is recommended by the tyre manufacturing companies that those tyres must be placed at the rear axle. This will bring greater stability and balance to the vehicle.

Renowned Car Tyres Manufacturing Brands

Over the years, certain car tyre manufacturing brands have gained the attention of car enthusiasts. They have achieved the status of top brands in this regard by ensuring durability, quality, and the best strength.

Here is a list of top 3 car tyre manufacturing brands all over the world.


Initiating its operation back in 1989, Michelin has gained tremendous popularity among the car enthusiasts. In almost 3 decades of their operation, they have ensured the provision of road grip, better handling, and long life.


Furthermore, the company has expanded a great deal as it now owns several other brands like BF Goodrich, Kleber, and Tiger.


Continental is also ranked among the best car tyres manufacturing companies all over the world. Operating initially as a rubber manufacturer, it started manufacturing back in 1871. However, the worldwide recognition achieved made them able to provide a variety of all-weather car tyres like ProContact, Continental Pure Contact, and EcoPlus.



Bridgestone is a Japanese car tyre manufacturing company that came to limelight over the passage of several decades. Beginning their operation in 1931, Bridgestone gained more popularity once it introduced nylon tyres in 1959. It did not only help them expand their operation, but also ensured the provision of best car tyres like Alan Plus and Serenity Plus.


With the introduction of modern technological advancements, the quality of car tyres is consistently improving in the competitive market. This has allowed the car manufacturers to provide better tyres with their cars so that the cars can be safe.

When changing a car tyre, it is important that the motorists is aware of what type of tyre they should purchase. Of the material, the quality and the size of the tyre is very important and this is the reason why it is always best to get an expert’s opinion when you want to get new tyres for your car.

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