Budget Tyres vs. Premium Tyres – A Comparison You Need to Know

Budget Tyres vs. Premium Tyres – A Comparison You Need to Know
July 20, 2016 Comments Off on Budget Tyres vs. Premium Tyres – A Comparison You Need to Know Blog Betty Davis

It is very important for those who run a car to understand the different between budget tyres and premium tyres. There are a number of tyres available for your car in the market. The variety of car tyres is based on their quality, prices and brand names mainly. You might find a tyre of good quality at low price as the tyre company might not be a known one. At the same time, you would also find medium quality tyres priced high due to their popular brand name. There are also car tyres with low quality and they are priced at very moderate rates. What suits your car best is the question you need to answer. While choosing a tyre, the quality of tyres should never be compromised even if you are looking for budget tyres. A proper research in the market for good quality tyres in your budget can help you find best tyres for your car. Premium car tyres on the other side are tyres which are priced relatively higher but they are excellent when it comes to quality and their long lasting nature.

Budget Tyres

Budget Car Tyres

Budget Tyres are only good when the longer distances are not in contention. These tyres look the same like their counterparts in premium category but are seriously less in the quality and durability. They offer good value if price is the main consideration when buying tyres and give good mileage in city but long tours are not suggested with budget tyres. These tyres are often distributed by the local market brands of tyres and no special guarantees and quality check are associated with these tyres. The budget friendly tyres are especially good for the second hand cars as are not the best option for new cars. The chances of blowout increase with these tyres in extreme weather conditions or if you have planned long ride especially in the summer season.

Premium Tyres

Premium Quality Car Tyres

Premium Tyres are also same in their outlook to the budget car tyres but you can still explore the difference in first sight of these tyres. Some famous car tyre brands like Good Year, Pirelli, Dunlop, Bridgestone and Michelin offer the tyres in premium quality. These tyre don’t easily suffer from a blowout even in the most unfriendly conditions but can pose a serious blow to your pocket with their high price. In the end, what you are going to pay for is the serious quality of premium tyres which is based on the long lasting nature, repeated quality checks to save them from malfunctioning, advanced tyre technology and top engineering standards. You don’t need to worry for a considerable period of time when you buy premium tyres but they are actually very expensive. Premium tyres not only go well with new cars but also with old cars and improve the whole driving experience of the cars.

What Should You Buy for your Car

The above comparison helps you understand what suits your car the best. If price is not an issue for you then there is no question and you should go for the premium tyres. But if price is the most important consideration then budget car tyres are the best fit for your car. You just need to put a reasonable thought in buying of budget tyres and make sure the tyre you are buying have some sort of company guarantee and will last in testing conditions. The quality of tyres should never be compromised as the whole safety of your car is mainly based on its tyres.

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