Bridgestone Tyre Reviews – The Trendsetters of Tyre Industry

Bridgestone Tyre Reviews – The Trendsetters of Tyre Industry
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Bridgestone is world’s largest rubber and tyre production company. This Japanese brand started in 1931 and since then, they have become the trendsetters in the tyre and rubber manufacturing industry. They always come up with something new for their customers to keep them happy.


Tyre Reviews – The Company

The company started in 1931 in Japan. Shojiro Ishibashi started the company well before the World War II, this company now has more than 141 production facilities all over the world. They operate in more than 24 countries since 2005 and since then, they have become one of the largest and strongest manufacturers of tyres and rubber products in the world.

Tyre Reviews – The Company

The company employs 144,303 people all over the world. Their business is found in more than 150 countries, including UAE. Their main project is creating diverse and high quality tyres for cars, trucks, SUV and other machines used in mass production like airplanes and construction machines.

Since tyres make up for 80% of their sales, they make sure that this product stays one step ahead of their competition. One thing that sets them apart from their competition is their raw materials. They try to grow and produce their own raw material on their private land.


They create their own synthetic rubber, natural rubber, steel cord and carbon black. They are forever, trying to enhance their current methods of tyre development and trying to come up with innovative ways through which they can conserve money, energy and create more raw materials.

They have many ongoing researches in the field of raw material and so far, many of their researches have been praised and approved by the global community. Although these may never be called budget tyres, many believe that these tyres are a solid investment because of the longevity of the product.

Products and Services

The Bridgestone Company has categorized their products according to their use. They create products for Consumers and for Business. The consumers’ category encompasses all passenger tyres including cars, consumer trucks, SUVs, sports cars etc., and tyres for motorcycles and bicycle tyres as well.


Their business tyres have products for aircrafts, commercial vans, trucks, busses, construction vehicles, rubber tracks and so much more. They cater to all sectors of life and business, in short, they are working tirelessly day and night to ensure that our lives easier and bring more innovation in our lives.

Products and Services - Bridgestone

Innovation Is Their Aim

Bridgestone revealed the second generation of their No Air Tyres back in 2013. Their Air Free concept revolutionized the tyre industry when they first introduced it at the Tokyo Motor Show back in 2013. These tyres have amazing load bearing capabilities, driving performance and environment-friendly design that makes them amazing and very unique.

Innovative Airless Tyres

Sadly, these tyres are not in production as of now. However, the company is hoping to start producing this innovative new technology in a decade or so, when they have adequate resources. They have made a strong commitment to the people of the world to bring something fresh and something new every single time, while still providing them quality tyres for their vehicles, sometimes you can find their quality tyres for sale.

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