7 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Car Tyres

7 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Car Tyres
October 1, 2020 Comments Off on 7 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Car Tyres Blog Betty Davis

Modern-day car tyres are manufactured to be tough and highly durable. The tyres produced in today’s time are different than the ones before as the driving styles, commuting requirements and other relevant factors have changed. These tyres are built to retain their condition and stability even if they are thoroughly used, however, it is still important for the car owners to maintain the tyres to avoid any unsafe road situation and to extend their lifetime.

Car tyres that are not properly maintained or changed in time, go through excessive wear and tear, which can cause sudden blowouts while the car is being driven. This can cause a fatal accident, which is why it is essential for car owners to maintain the tyres along with their vehicles to enjoy safe and stress-free driving.

Here are some useful tips you can follow to maintain and extend the life of car tyres.

Check the Condition of the Car Tyres

This is one of the most basic tips that can help you keep a check on the car tyre’s condition. Before you take your vehicle out for a drive make sure you spend a little time to thoroughly analyse the car tyres. This will help you detect early signs of damage or tyre stress and you will be able to solve the problem before the damage becomes irreparable. Paying attention to your car tyres is, therefore, one of the most important practices you should follow.

Check the Pressure of the Tyres

Checking the tyre pressure is yet another basic and one of the most common practices that experts always advise to the car owners. The tyre pressure is an essential factor that needs to be thoroughly checked as it can cause damage to the tyres and unfortunate road incidents, which can be fatal. The car tyres can either be underinflated, which means having pressure below the recommended limit, or they can be overinflated, which means having pressure way above the recommended limit. If the car tyres are underinflated, they tend to heat up and wear out quicker than normal inflated tyres. On the other hand, if the tyres are overinflated, they do not have proper contact with the road, which causes uneven wear and tear. This can damage the car tyres and limit their lifetime, which is why it is helpful that you check the tyre pressure once a month to ensure that it is according to the recommendation of the manufacturer.

Consider Rotating the Tyres

Rotating the tyres refers to the practice of changing the position of the wheels and tyres to get an equal level of wear on all tyres. Even wear and tear of the tyres helps in extending the life of the tyres. The front and rear axles of a car are subjected to different weight, which causes the tyres to wear out unevenly. Therefore, if you are looking to extend the life of the tyres and keep them in a good condition then rotating the tyres after every 10,000 kilometres is a helpful practice to follow. You should choose the best price tyres designed in a way that enable easy rotation when required.

Avoid Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving is a kind of driving behaviour that tends to violate the traffic rules and regulations and puts the passengers of a car and other commuters in serious risk. Tailgating, sudden swerving and over-speeding are some of the aspects of aggressive driving that are traffic violations and are dangerous ways to drive a car. If you want to maintain the car tyres and extend the life then you should consider avoiding aggressive driving as this can put your safety at risk and also compromise the condition of the tyres faster than usual. Whether you choose budget car tyres or expensive tyres, proper maintenance is important to keep them in a good condition over a long period of time.

Consider Checking the Alignment of Wheels

Wheel alignment is yet another essential and helpful tip that can help you maintain car tyres and extend the life of the tyres. The car tyres should be balanced and aligned, whether they are used or brand new. If the tyres are not aligned, they can cause vibrations, which are damaging to the car as well as the tyres. Vibrations of the sort can also cause a safety hazard on the road, which is why checking the alignment is a highly essential practice to follow. There can be problems with the alignment of the tyres even if they are best car tyres due to the wear and tear the tyres go through. If you check the wheel alignment as advised by the user’s manual you will be able to identify any problems with the inflation or the alignment of the tyres, helping you to change or rotate them, as required.

Avoid Overloading your Car

Overloading of vehicles is damaging for both the cars and tyres. Every car tyre has a load index that states the load capacity suitable for the tyre. If the load capacity exceeds the limit specified for the car tyres, it can damage the tyres to a great extent as excessive heat is built up in the tyre. This is why, if you want to maintain your car tyres and extend their life then you should know the load capacity of each tyre and avoid loading extra weight in the car.

Choose Tyres According to the Seasons

There are different types of car tyres in the market, some of which are designed for specific seasons, whereas some are suitable for all seasons. If you are unable to look for all season tyres, you should ensure the tyres you choose otherwise are changed according to the season. This means you should consider using winter and summer tyres for the relevant seasons. This is because the slits and pliable rubber on the winter tyres, prevent the vehicle from slipping on snowy, wet and slippery roads. However, the same extra slits can cause the tyre to wear down quicker than usual if they are used during the summer season. Therefore, you should take your time to look for suitable tyres, so they are maintained accordingly and have a long lifetime.

Key Takeaways!

Car tyres need to be maintained regularly and properly if the car owners want to extend their life and avoid sudden bursts that may result in fatal road incidents. Therefore, tyre maintenance is an important practice for the car owners to follow. The helpful details and tips that are mentioned above can make it easy tomaintain the car tyres, keep them in a good condition and extend their life.

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