5 Signs That Indicate You Need to Buy New Car Tyres

5 Signs That Indicate You Need to Buy New Car Tyres
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New car tyres are a must when the wear and tear of old car tyres exceed from a safe level. High-quality car tyres last longer if they are taken good care of, but low-quality car tyres or very old car tyres at the risk of a dangerous blowout. Also, in extremely hot weather old car tyres are at the risk of a sudden blowout and could be fatal for the driver and commuters as well. Motorists must always remain mindful and have a regular check on car tyres. In case there is a flat tyre in the middle of a road, this could be dangerous and hassle some both. To avoid the discomfort and trouble in such situation it is highly recommended to keep a check on car tyres.

First of all, it is advised to buy quality tyres that have good rubber material, these do not need to be expensive necessarily. High-end car tyres can be expensive, but finding some deals or special discounts can get you good quality tyres at low prices. Also, once you have bought tyres, it is necessary to maintain them in good condition so that they last longer and give good performance on the road. Another important factor about car tyres is of buying the right and appropriate new car tyres for your vehicle. An SUV must be fitted with SUV tyres and also the season appropriate tyres must be chosen to ensure optimum performance. Wrong tyres on a vehicle cause damage to the vehicle and does not give good performance and fuel efficiency, also your and others’ security is also at risk.

Here are some pro tips on how to spot those signs which lead to buying new car tyres to ensure a safe and fuel-efficient drive.

Tyre Tread Depth – New Car Tyres

Among many reasons for a flattening or blow out, decreased tyre tread is one of the main reasons which need to watch out. A low-pressure system is not able to detect car tyre deterioration. Tyre tread depth must be checked regularly and properly to avoid any dangerous situation on road.  Tyre tread is the rubber layer that touched the road and causes traction on surfaces. As wear and tear happened the tread melts and makes tyre flat over time. This causes lack of traction control that can lead to dangerous situations like slipping or skidding over the road.

Tyre Tread Depth - Penny Test

A “Penny Test” is used to check the car tyre tread, and if it shows tread is left to 3mm in depth, it is suggested to get new car tyres for more safety. Place a penny or coin between the tread ribs, if the tread depth is 2/32”, or you can see the top of the symbol engraved on the coin, it means this is high time to buy new car tyres. As the tyre tread has melted away and it will result in lack of traction control this could be dangerous for the motorists.

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Warning Lights Signal

New cars are considered to be safer as compared to old ones, due to cutting-edge technologies ensuring safe drives for the motorists. Modern day cars are equipped with Low-Tyre Pressure Monitoring System technology, which makes drivers aware of the low tyre pressures.

Pressure Monitoring System

In this case, you might not need new car tyres¸ but will only have to properly inflate your car tyres. A “U!” indicator is shown in the middle dashboard screen when car tyres are under-inflated. Low inflation is one of the highest problems of flat car tyres and even if you do not have such feature in your car, keep a check on car tyre inflation. Also, watch out for such useful car features when buying a new vehicle, as it saves you from buying new car tyres every now and then.

Unusual Sounds or Vibration

Watch out for some irregular vibration or sounds coming from your vehicle. When you are driving a vehicle regularly, drivers are aware of how much their car vibrates normally. However, if any kind of unusual vibration is felt, or if the car tyres make aggressive unusual sounds, this could be a sign to get new car tyres. Everything has an expiry date, though new car tyres do not have an expiry date like other things, due to longer use and no care, a time comes when they need to be retired.

Keep observing the car movements and if any of the above-mentioned noises or vibrations are felt get them to check and buy new car tyres to ensure a safe commuting on the road.

Cracks in the Sidewall

Car tyre tread melts away with time and due to excess heat, the tyre dries out as well. After some time car tyres start showing damage signs and this needs to be taken care of. Cracks appear on sides of car tyres, especially in hot weather indicating a warning sign to buy new car tyres or repair them. As soon as you witness such cracks on car tyres, the tyres should be either repaired by a professional or be changed as soon as possible. Because due to these cracks in the sidewall, car tyres are at a risk of a blowout and air leaks that could be dangerous.

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Bulges or Blisters

Tyres made from good quality rubber last longer with proper care, while with the passage of time they age; get bugles, slits or blisters. These signs might not be very visible but indicate that car tyres are at the risk of deflating. The tyre wearing out is in the process thus it is advised by the experts to get new car tyres before any unlikely situation happens.

Bulges or Blisters


New car tyres might not be affordable for everyone, thus it is important to understand that with proper care you can enhance the lifespan of your car tyres. However, if the damages or tyre tread wear and tear has reached the danger point, it is advised to change car tyres as soon as possible. Because to save some money drivers can risk their own life and others too. Also, bad quality or worn tyres damage fuel efficiency of your vehicle and adds more expenses to your daily commutes. Keep your tyres in good condition and if car tyres show any of the above signs, get them repaired or changed at the right time.

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