Tyre Maintenance Tips to Stay Safe on the Road

Tyre Maintenance Tips to Stay Safe on the Road
March 2, 2021 Comments Off on Tyre Maintenance Tips to Stay Safe on the Road Blog Betty Davis

Car manufacturers focus on making reliable and sturdy tyres of a vehicle as they carry the entire weight of the vehicle. However, they come in close contact with sharp objects and rough terrains making them bound to wear. Keeping car tyres up to date goes a long way so, every car owner must know the basic indicators of tyre damage. This can help them get the wheels repaired before the damage escalates causing a problem in terms of performance, fuel economy, resale value, and most of all safety of the occupants.

Following are some useful tips that can help car owners determine if the car wheels need maintenance or replacement.

Check Air Pressure for Best Performance of Car Tyres

The correct air pressure in wheels is essential to enjoy a problem-free ride, therefore, it is ideal that car owners check the air pressure every month. On average, a car wheel loses up to one pound per square inch (psi) in a month.  During extreme winters wheels can lose air more rapidly causing the wheel to be under-inflated. This can cause car crashes, low gas mileage, poor handling, premature wear, and blowouts.

Therefore, car owners must keep the weather conditions in mind for wheel maintenance. Regular maintenance and checks will help extend the life of car wheels. Car owners can check the instruction manual to determine the correct tyre pressure or check the door frame of the vehicle.

Inspect Tyres Regularly

The car owners must be mindful to regularly check the condition of their vehicle’s tyres especially before heading out for long-haul journeys. This will help drivers avoid inconvenience, especially on highways where a service station and technical help may be far away. It is recommended to spend some time on the tyres when washing the car. Things that car owners must look out for during the inspection include bulges, cracks, or any object such as a nail, glass, or debris that may lead to punctures. The sidewall of the wheel must be checked because if the object has punctured it, the wheel needs to be replaced. It is advisable to consult a professional in case you spot any issues to resolve them fully.

Inspect Tyres Regularly

Timely Replacement of Tyres

One major mistake that car owners tend to make is delaying replacing a damaged tyre. Every time a vehicle is driven with a damaged wheel, it is a safety hazard for the motorist and others on the road. Normally, tyres last for a good five to six years and then they must be replaced even if they do not have any tread wear or other issues. The rubber of the tyres is worn out causing performance issues.

Timely Replacement of Tyres

One way to determine the age of the tyre is to look for the four-digit numbers on the tyre next to “DOT”. The first two digits indicate the week of production and the last two indicate the year of production so 1520 would indicate that the tyre was produced in the 15th week of the year 2020. Besides this, a car owner can check the wear of the tyre treads using a tread depth gauge that is small and can be easily carried in the glove compartment of the vehicle. The depth of tyre tread must not exceed 1.6mm, if it does it is time to replace the wheel to avoid problems.

Mixing New Tyres with Worn Tyres

When maintaining the wheels, one thing that must be checked is whether all four wheels of the vehicle are the same. In the case of mismatched tyres, the vehicle can cause handling issues and initiate unusual tear. Mismatched tyres can also place strain on other components of the vehicle causing increase depreciation. To avoid problems, it is recommended to change the entire set or at least change in pairs.

Rotating Tyres

At times car owners may witness uneven wear of tyre treads, this can be an indication of alignment issues. If that is not the case, then another reason is that the tyres maybe not have been rotated. Rotating car tyres after the vehicle has covered 6,000 to 8,000 miles is a good idea to ensure a longer lifetime of the wheel. Some service stations offer free car rotation service, and the charges are inexpensive otherwise.

Do Not Overload the Vehicle

There is a certain amount of weight that a vehicle can handle, and the total weight must not exceed this limit. The allowed weight is mentioned on the door frame of the vehicle. It is advisable to adhere to the allowed limit to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on the wheels. Overloading will put a strain on the wheels and can cause handling issues as well.


The tyres of the vehicle have an important role to play so their quality and condition cannot be compromised. It is better to keep a close eye on them and follow the above-mentioned tips for maintenance and replacement of the wheels. When in doubt, it is also better to consult a professional mechanic to avoid any safety hazards.

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