Top 3 Mercedes Tyres by Pirelli Reviewed!

Top 3 Mercedes Tyres by Pirelli Reviewed!
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Mercedes tyres are not like common passenger car tyres, as Mercedes-Benz vehicles are high-performance and thus the quality of tyres should match with vehicle specifications too. High-performance vehicles by Mercedes-Benz usually have some specific and suggested car tyres that would add more into the performance output of the vehicle. The tailor-made Pirelli tyres are somewhat choice of many Mercedes-Benz car buyers who are looking for all-season car tyres suitable for their passenger cars.

Every series of Mercedes-Benz cars have specific and specialised all-season, winter and summer tyres which are made keeping in mind the on and off-road performance of Mercedes-Benz cars. Exploring the best tyres for some of the highly revered series of Mercedes-Benz is easy now, as there are plenty of options to choose from. When choosing Mercedes tyres, car owners cannot take it for granted, as several factors are considered when picking up the right tyres for your car. Luckily, Pirelli is among those brands who cater the Mercedes-Benz cars and have covered all of their vehicles and produced high-performance tyres created to perform in allegiance with the vehicle’s performance. Be that summer tyres, winter or all season Mercedes tyres that are produced by combining innovation and technology to perform great performance on daily commuting or even on adventure trips.

Here we will discuss in detail the three series and suitable all-season Mercedes tyres for them developed by Pirelli to enhance the performance of the vehicle.

Cinturato P7 Mercedes tyres

Cinturato P7 is the first ‘Green Performance’ tyre by engineered by Pirelli for high-performance Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Created will latest material, a new treat pattern design and structure guarantees more fuel saving and safety that too without causing harm to the environment. These are summer Mercedes tyres for passenger cars and SUVs with touring ability. Preferred for E-Class and C-Class Mercedes-Benz cars, the Cinturato P7 is suitable for high-end performance cars offering safety and performance on all road conditions.

Also, these tyres have Run Flat, Seal Inside and PNCS technologies making these tyres sturdy and perform well. The Sal Inside is the latest technology allowing driving without losing air pressure, even if the tyre has been punctured. This is one of the main reason of possible accidents, which is prevented by this puncture control technology. While, for comfortable driving, the Pirelli Noise Cancelling System is used to absorb the sound through a device applied inside the tyre circumferential wall.

The Cinturato P7 features an optimized tread design with specific pitch sequence that results in a comfortable and relaxed driving experience. Also, the four wide longitudinal grooves enhance the safety of passengers and provide control in aquaplaning situations. The compact central blocks and robust external area for cornering control and steering response on these Mercedes tyres.

Offering good mileage and high performance on wet, dry and other challenging road conditions make these tyres by Pirelli a good choice.

Cinturato P7 Mercedes tyres

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P Zero New

The next-generation P Zero Mercedes tyres are designed for most of the high-performance Mercedes-Benz cars, including AMG GT and sports cars series. These tyres are suitable for luxury sedans, sports cars, high-performance SUVs inspired by motorsports.

The newly developed Pirelli P Zero tyres have advanced technologies like no-pressure drive Run Flat technology and noise reduction PNCS technology. The self-supporting system developed by Pirelli helps to ensure maximum control over a vehicle on all weather conditions and enhances the safety of passengers. It is available in 6 sizes for cars and in 4 sizes for SUVs.

The three wide longitudinal grooves are for faster expulsion of water in case of aquaplaning and provides improved safety and maximum control of the vehicle. The S-Shape tread design provides optimal pressure distribution enhances the safety of passengers under critical braking conditions. While the three solid central ribs are for improved traction and braking even at high speed. The increased pattern stiffness in design makes it possible to enhance the performance of these Mercedes tyres.

The low rolling resistance and noise emission are made possible by siping design and optimized pitch sequence.  For sporty Mercedes tyres, the all-new Pirelli P Zero has customized outer tread design providing superior steering responsiveness. While the customized inner tread design helps to enhance the safety of the passengers with the help of high silica content material used in making these tyres.

New P Zero

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P Zero Nero GT

The P Zero Nero GT summer tyres are highly recommended for Mercedes-Benz A-Class series. These are fitted usually in medium-large sedans, sporty cars to have performance that gives you an adrenaline rush. The tread design and materials used to make these Mercedes tyres are optimized for better performance, durability, and longevity. As the summer season stays for long in the UAE, P Zero Nero GT tyres are a perfect fit for high-performance sedan built by Mercedes-Benz. For enhanced wear resistance of these tyres, a balanced silica content makes these tyres sturdier.

P Zero Nero GT

All-new P Zero Nero GT tyres are available in 7 sizes, with compounds made from high-quality materials. The optimized tread compound gives high mileage and ensures a safe yet sporty drive on the road. The wide continuous ribs and asymmetric design featured in these Mercedes tyres is perfect for fast cornering and offers improved handling. The high technology profile structure ensures efficient braking safety in dry and wet condition even at high speed.

The P Zero Nero GT tyres are famous for their comfort and performance and longevity. Technical attributes of these tyres enable it to have high cornering stability with large outer shoulders. While the wide continuous ribs and asymmetric design offer fast cornering reaction with improved handling.


Choosing the right tyres for your car is necessary, as better performance of your vehicle depends on it. Pirelli is a reputed name in the automotive industry and had been serving throughout years. They have engineered some of the best tyres for high-performance vehicles which enable them to outperform on all road conditions. The appropriate and high-quality tyres perform on wet, dry and even on challenging road conditions, and offer good fuel efficiency too.

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