Tips to Enhance the Life of Your Tires

Tips to Enhance the Life of Your Tires
April 26, 2016 Comments Off on Tips to Enhance the Life of Your Tires Blog Betty Davis

The efficiency of the tires depends upon how well you have maintained them. Whether it is the suitable pressure or the tire depth, every aspect of tires’ maintenance must be catered nicely for their sustainability. The tires from varying companies and different qualities have their own life span and there is no certain life span you can generally associate with all tires. You need to maintain them well to have them last long and keep your vehicle in best balance.  You can enhance the life of the tires by following few tips mentioned in this reading:

Avoid Direct Exposure of tires to UV Rays

Exposure of tires to the ultraviolet rays and ozone can seriously damage them and lessen their lifespan. This issue has always remained a problem due to climate changes in different countries. The tire conditions depend on where you live and how you use the tires. Tires condition also varies from person to person that how you drive your vehicle. Keeping this fact in mind, it would be difficult to say that how long your tire life would be. Direct sun exposure can cause side cracks on the tires and worn their wear bars.

Check the Wear Bars on the Tires

Investigating the tire condition on a monthly basis can save you from spending lot of bucks. One should check out the wear bars on the tires. Now the question arises in mind what actually wear bars are? They are small bridges connecting the ridges on the tread as the picture is representing.

wear bars on the tires

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Many people only depend on the wear bars of the tires as an indicator to change them. But wear bars appear at the depth of 2/32. This depth is considered as fine for the dry climates conditions but these tires are just not fine for the areas with regular rains. In rainy areas, even 4/32 tread depth is more than enough as this is the minimum safe entry for removing water from the tires. Those tires which need to run on the roads with snow must have 6/32 tread depth. Normally, the tires lose about 1 pound per square inch every month according to an average estimate. Such changes usually happen due to temperature changes. These changes need to be monitored regularly in order to enhance the lifespan of the tires.

Importance of Checking the Tire Pressure

In recent times, most of the cars carry the tires monitoring systems. They usually alert the driver about the tire pressure when it drops below the seventy-five percent of the suggested pressure and this fact lessens the shelf life of the tire. It’s important to check the tire pressure with a good quality gauge at regular basis to ensure the tire safety and increased life as the tire pressure is the vital element for the proper functioning of tires.

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