Self-Inflating Tyres – One of the Modern Car Tyres Technologies by Goodyear

Self-Inflating Tyres – One of the Modern Car Tyres Technologies by Goodyear
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Car tyres are one of those few elements of a car that are not considered of prime importance by a buyer as much as they should. While buying a car, mostly buyers usually pay attention to the performance of engine or towards the price of car. However, it is a need of the time that buyers should be well aware of the different tyre technologies to avail its benefits as well.

For example, the clean fuel technologies of the best car tyres not only truly represent the green environment concept, but help to reduce the expenses over fuel as well. Many such innovations have been carried out that have the sole purpose to benefit the mankind. These efforts towards the betterment of environment make the life on Earth possible for even longer span of time.

Self-Inflating Tyre Technology by Goodyear

An American international tyre manufacturing company, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, has been known by their active contributions for the delivery of excellent performance in the field of automotive. Tyres manufactured by them are popular amongst various buyers as they are easily detachable and have very limited needs of maintenance. One of their popular inventions for the best car tyres is known by the name of Self-inflating Tyre Technology.

Self-Inflating Tyre Technology by Goodyear

Let us take an in-depth review of the working principle, benefits and significance of this technology.

The Conventional Car Tyres and Their Condition

The conventional car tyres, made of fine composition, tend to deliver the best of their function at all he times. However, the road conditions or the weather conditions do not turn out to be as supportive as one might consider.

Conventional Car Tyres and Their Condition

When the car has to make its way through the severe road conditions, the only part that is in direct contact with that road is the tyres of the car. When these tyres pass through on a rough road, they tend to deflate and eventually get punctured soon.

How Does Self-Inflating Tyre Work?

The new technology of self-inflating tyres have been brought in consideration to provide the optimum performance of tyres. In a normal regular tread of tyres, any conventional and best price tyres would gradually lead towards deflating.

However, the newly designed self-inflating tyres have the capability to inflate themselves as per the needs. These advanced technology tyres have a peristaltic pump installed inside along with a pressure sensing gauge. This miniature-sized pump assembly senses the tyre pressure and then automatically inflates it using the atmospheric pressure.

Benefits of Self-Inflating Tyre Technology

Every new invention in every sector of a field is always made to provide the maximum benefits. These benefits are considered to be relatively larger in number than the already-developed technologies. Similarly, the new benefiting technology of self-inflating has its perks too.

Self-Inflating Tyre Technology

Some of its benefits include:

  • It compensates the natural loss of pressure in car tyres when passing through any kind of route.
  • Since it saves the tyre from puncturing on a rough-conditioned road, it takes-off the load to maintain them every now and then.
  • This technology helps one to stay safe even if the driver is not well-aware of the correct tyre pressure ranges. It automatically senses the pressure in a tyre and brings it to an optimum level using the atmosphere pressure.
  • It has been proven to provide a good fuel economy for all kind of vehicles. The consistent performance of a vehicle without stopping by at different stations for the inflating purpose conveniently reduces the fuel expenses. This is how it helps a vehicle to obtain a good fuel economy range and provide the opportunity to driver to get profits with the useful performance of tyres.
  • Moreover, this latest technology also helps one to stay safe on the road while driving. The lesser there are issues rising about a vehicle, such as low pressure of car tyres, the more would be one safe on the road with that vehicle.

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Significance of Self-Inflating Tyres

The advanced technology of self-inflating tyres was first launched at the Tyre Technology Expo in Hamburg, Germany in 2009. This latest innovation of the research and development sector for tyres manufacturing was very well appreciated by the Jury of the show.

Significance of Self-Inflating Tyres

  • The Tyre Technology of the Year award for SIT (Self-Inflating Tyres) is a clear proof of its appreciation. Many budget car tyres employed this technology to get the maximum benefits out of similar efficient technologies.
  • A research by Goodyear shows that the underinflated tyres wear and tear more quickly than the conventional tyres. This self-inflating technology helped the tyres to remain inflated all the time and thus reduced the maintenance worries as well.
  • This research also mentions that those cars that don’t have inflating problem quite often during a journey have the tendency to cover fewer more miles than the ones who deflate every once in a while.
  • The structure of underinflated tyres cannot bear temperature up to certain limit and thus their overheating leads to damage them. Whereas, the self-inflating tyres neither remain in underinflated condition and nor do they face structure damaging problems.

Positive Efforts of Tyres Designers Help the Consumers!

Positive Efforts of Tyres Designers Help the Consumers

Every development in car tyres technology is mostly well-received by many consumers due to the various benefits it offers. Self-Inflating Technology is also one such advancement that gained the trust of its buyers. It made them realize that this development is necessarily meant to be for the ease of the driver. Via the launch of useful technologies, it has been made conveniently possible for the driver to hit the road without being worried for the up keep of car and tyres.

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