How to Replace Car Tyre in A Proper Way

How to Replace Car Tyre in A Proper Way
October 20, 2016 Comments Off on How to Replace Car Tyre in A Proper Way Blog Betty Davis

The problem of flat car tyre is quite common but proves to be troublesome on some occasions. It creates the ultimate panic when you are out on the highway for a family trip and your car’s tyre/tyres go out of order.  If you haven’t ever changed car tyres yourself, you will find it tough to do so for the first time in a situation where you can’t get any external help. However, changing a car’ tyre/tyres is not a rocket science and you can do it yourself if you do it the right way.

Getting Ready to Change the Tyre/Tyres

Firstly, you need to take your car to a roadside and park it. Make sure you park the car on a flat surface to replace the tyre. The slope and inclined surfaces are not suitable as the car may roll during tyre changing. You should pull hand brake along with parking brakes to stable the car’s position. It is also advisable to take all the occupants of the car out while changing the tyres.  While changing the tyres, you should use bricks to restrict other wheels movement while replacing the tyre.

Ready to Change the Tyre

Uncover the Wheels

Next, you need to remove the wheel covers with the help of a screwdriver. Not all cars have wheel covers, so if your car has alloy rims then you don’t need to do anything and move to the next step.

Lose the Wheel Nuts

Then, you need to lose wheel nuts by using wheel spanner or a wrench. You need to rotate the spanner in anti- clockwise direction and apply little force to loosen the nuts. Here you don’t require to completely remove the nuts until you lift the car.

Lift the Car Using Jack to replace car tyre

By using jack under the car, you need to lift it off the ground. The proper distance is almost 6- inches above the ground. Then you can remove the nuts to remove the flat tyre.  Using a jack to lift the car is something you need to practice before doing it for the first time. You need to find the right part of the car’s lower chamber to set the jack and then lift the car steadily.

Lift the Car Using Jack

Replace the Flat Tyre with Spare Tyre

When you have removed the flat tyre, you should bring a spare tyre from the cargo space of your car. Now place the new tyre along with the wheelbase. Now you need to get the car down and tighten the nuts and bolts to adjust it appropriately.

Replace the Flat Tyre with Spare Tyre

Put on the Wheel Cover

Once you have replaced the flat car tyre and tighten the nuts, you need to gently put on the wheel cover and remove bricks from the wheels.

Essential Equipment to carry in your car

The tyre puncture can happen anytime so you should keep some necessary equipment in the car. By having these tools, tyre replacement will not be problematic for you and you can enjoy a smooth journey.

Following are the important things you should always carry with you in your car:

  • Spare tyre
  • Wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Jack

Essential Equipment to carry in your car

Other than that, you should get your car tyres regularly checked for proper inflation. A regular tyre checkup can also identify any need to change or repair the tyres. All these things are important not just to save you from the misery of tyre flattening but also to avoid a sudden burst out which can lead to dreadful outcomes.

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