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6 Tips for Using Best Tires for Cars
Image July 2, 2020 Blog Betty Davis

To keep the tires of your car in good shape, follow the 6 useful tips for using best tires for cars recommended by professionals. Read our blog for details.

Important Tips to Maintain Car Tyres in Summers
Image June 16, 2020 Blog Betty Davis

To protect your car tyres from any type of damage during the summer season, you need to follow useful car tyre maintenance tips. Read our blog for more.

Top 3 Mercedes Tyres by Pirelli Reviewed!
Image January 29, 2019 Blog Betty Davis

Mercedes tyres are not like common passenger car tyres, as Mercedes-Benz vehicles are high-performance and thus the quality of tyres should match with vehicle specifications too. High-performance vehicles by Mercedes-Benz usually have some specific and suggested car tyres that would add more into the performance output of the vehicle. The tailor-made Pirelli tyres are somewhat

Mercedes Tyres – 3 Best Tyres for Mercedes-Benz Cars in the UAE
Image September 25, 2018 Blog Betty Davis

The brand Mercedes-Benz itself has an important place in the automotive industry while choosing the right Mercedes tyres becomes essential to get the best performance. Being one of the most recognisable and esteemed car brands, choosing the best tyres for Mercedes cars is essential, as the cars are always equipped with best-in-class features and performance

5 Top Rated Tires for Cars Available in the UAE
Image June 20, 2018 Blog Betty Davis

Tire recommendations by experts can help buyers to find top rated tires for cars suitable for their vehicle to withstand the summer heat of the UAE. There are many tire brands available in the UAE offering high-performance and quality rubber tires according to the customer’s needs. These tires are tested and have undergone many phases

5 Signs That Indicate You Need to Buy New Car Tyres
Image May 21, 2018 Blog Betty Davis

New car tyres are a must when the wear and tear of old car tyres exceed from a safe level. High-quality car tyres last longer if they are taken good care of, but low-quality car tyres or very old car tyres at the risk of a dangerous blowout. Also, in extremely hot weather old car

4 Best Sports Car Tires with Great Performance
Image April 20, 2018 Blog Betty Davis

Sports car are one of the premium product of any automotive company, and thus there cannot be any compromise while choosing the best sports car tires. A fast car needs amazing tires which can complement the speed and performance. A sports car tire must be of high-quality, specially designed tread and engineered to provide stability,

4 Best SUV Tires Suitable for the UAE’s Summer Season
Image March 19, 2018 Blog Betty Davis

The best SUV tires for the summer season in the UAE make your summer drives comfortable and enhance the performance of your vehicle. Using fake brand or low-quality tires risk your safety on the road and others commuters too. There are many fake and low-grade tire brands pretending to be somewhat related to original brands.

Best Tires for Cars – Winter Tires Manufactured by Pirelli Tires
Image February 7, 2018 Blog Betty Davis

While talking about the best tires for cars, the Pirelli tires are considered important because of their best quality and supply all around the world. Founded by Giovanni Battista on 28th January, 1872 in Italy, the company first started manufacturing cables for telephone lines under the oceans. However, it did not take a long time

5 Best Tires for Cars Produced by Hankook Tires Company
Image January 9, 2018 Blog Betty Davis

Best tires for cars always deliver an excellent performance on every kind of road with a strong grip and improved handling. Hankook Tire Company is considered to be one of the best companies as they produced some of the best tires for cars. Hankook is a global corporation that consistently met the challenges by producing