Guide for Buying the Perfect Car Tyres for your Vehicle

Guide for Buying the Perfect Car Tyres for your Vehicle
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Car Tyres are integral components of every vehicle. Without these rubber wheels, no car can be functional no matter if it’s a sports sedan or an SUV. In order to have great performance, it’s important to pay attention to the types of tyres you use. Not every tyre can be suitable for any car category.

Shopping for car tyres can be a daunting task. Not everyone can judge whether a tyre provides the best grip, the longest life or the shortest stopping distance for a particular vehicle. Therefore, there are some tips that needs to be considered in order to make your buying decision better and efficient.

Here we will discuss some of these tips that will help you in picking the perfect tyres that are suitable for your particular vehicle.

Size of Car Tyres Matters

One of the important car information that a car owner should be aware of is fact that their car needs a particular size of tyres in order for them to perform at its optimal. So it’s important to know, cars and tyres should always complement each other. For small cars like sedans or coupe, it’s advisable to have smaller tyres than usual. Make sure that these tyres should have an increased width and lowered sidewall. This will ensure better handling and improved general stability. Furthermore, the best tyres for SUV and pick-up trucks would be large sized tyres. Increasing the size of the tyres will allow improved traction and carrying capacity.

Types of Tyres available for your Vehicle

Each tyre offers different type of performance for a vehicle. Car owners need to know what types of tyres are available in the car market. Following are some of the categories of tyres available:

  • All season tyres: These type of tyres are good for every weather because of their sturdy grip and long mileage. These are best car tyres for sedans and SUVs. They come in S and T-Speed ratings.

  • Performance tyres for all seasons: Such tyres goes well with cars that offers high speed and performance. These tyres come in H- and V-speed ratings especially on newer cars with an upgraded wheel. Such tyres have a better cornering grip as well as less wearing.


  • Ultra-high performance all season tyres: These tyres are ideal for sports cars and performance sedans. They come with improved traction and grip.

  • All Terrain Truck Tyres: Vehicles including SUVs, full sized pick-up trucks and such automobiles, which are used in driving on difficult uneven terrain, all terrain truck tyres come in handy. They come in large sizes and are designed for the hauling and towing. All-terrain tyres generally have a more aggressive tread pattern to aid off-road traction. A tip is that many all-terrain tyres will have “A/T” or “All Terrain” right in the model name.


  • Winter Tyres: These seasonal tyres are easily identified as they usually have a mountain or a snowflake symbol displayed on the sidewall. Plus the tread looks busier than all-season tyres with lots of slits, known as sipes. When shopping, be sure to buy winter tyres in sets of four to optimize braking and handling.

These five categories will help you to identify what kind of tyres to go for according to your car, when you go shopping.

Consider the Tread Wear

The most important aspect of tyres, no matter which vehicle it is, is the tread wear. This is one of the several factors that determine the tyre longevity. The harder the road condition, the faster your tyre will wear down. The longevity of your car tyres also depends on the type of driving habits that you have.

Tread wear is the measure of how long it will take for the tyres to wear out. Every tyre has their limit of how much they can take the friction, traction and eventual wear and tear before it becomes crucial for them to be replaced. One of the measure used to ensure the ideal amount of tread wear is through Uniform Tyre Quality Grading, or UTQG. It is commonly perceived that all-season tyre can probably last far more years than any other types.

Tyre Mixing

If you are someone who doesn’t want to replace all of the tyres of their vehicle but just a few, this means you are engaging in tyre mixing.

In case of front or rear wheel, it’s advisable that you use the new tyres on the rear axle. This will prevent an unstable oversteer condition. When purchasing a single new tyre, it should be paired on the rear axle with the tyre having the greatest remaining tread depth.

What’s your Budget?

The car tyre market is full of a variety of same and different types of tyres. There are variations in quality and ratings as well. Therefore, you need to prioritize the characteristics that your car tyres should have as well as the budget you have set aside for these tyres. There are several manufacturers who provide budget car tyres, made with good quality. The best price tyres will be the one that are within your budget as well as suitable for your car.

Check with your Vehicle Manufacturer’s Recommendation

Last but not the least, before you go out shopping for car tyres, it’s important that you check the recommended type of tyres from your vehicle manufacturer. This recommendation is based on the size, weight, load capacity, off-road capability and steering for your specific vehicle. Tyre pecification can be found on the sidewalls on the vehicles original tyres.

So, these are some of the car tyres shopping tips that you can consider in order to get the perfect set of tyres for your vehicle.

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