Everything that You Need to Know About Performance Tyres

Everything that You Need to Know About Performance Tyres
July 8, 2021 Comments Off on Everything that You Need to Know About Performance Tyres Blog Betty Davis

Tyres are one of the most important parts of any vehicle and motorists need to buy the right tyres for their vehicles. Performance tyres are designed to increase the handling response and traction of vehicles, particularly in dry and wet conditions. These tyres feature unique tread patterns, rubber compounds, and construction features for enhanced responsiveness and precision.

Performance tyres are made for drivers looking for precise handling with improved grip. Motorists need to be careful about tyres of their vehicles if they want an enhanced performance of the vehicle. Instead of just caring about turbochargers, suspension kits, and nitrous oxide of the vehicle, motorists should opt for super-sticky tyres for the vehicle.

Here is everything you need to know when purchasing the performance tyres for your vehicle.

Choose Good Performance Tyres

Depending on whether you are driving your vehicle on a twisty road-racing circuit or a highway, slippery tyres will not give you the expected results. Performance tyres are designed to allow the vehicle to translate its power advantage into acceleration and cornering force. Today, many tyre manufacturers are introducing brand new performance tyres in the market. These tyres are manufactured using advanced technologies and you should select the best performance tyres for your vehicle according to your needs.

Consider Speed Ratings of Tyres

One thing that motorists need to be careful about performance tyres is their speed ratings. The speed ratings of performance tyres are always above legal speed limits, and you should consider these speed ratings before buying performance tyres. These ratings are used to ensure that the tyres are compatible and more performance oriented. You can check tyre speed ratings through the owner’s manual. This information can be labelled on tyre information placard affixed to the driver’s side door jamb. Tyre manufacturers put the letter speed symbol on the sidewall in the service description code. Therefore, you need to consider the speed ratings of performance tyres before purchasing these tyres.

Tips for Selecting the Best Tyres

Motorists are always looking to purchase the best performance tyres for their vehicles. When shopping for performance tyres, consider the following tips:

  • You need to make sure that you meet the vehicle’s manufacturers recommendations to get the best performance for your vehicle.
  • It is advised that you should buy performance tyres that carry the same speed rating.
  • You should remember that the speed ratings of tyres are calculated according to lab tests, which are conducted under tightly controlled conditions.
Tips for Selecting the Best Tyres

Performance Tyres are Costly

Tyre companies spend a lot of money in developing rubber for performance tyres. These tyres are manufactured using advanced technologies and these are a bit costly than other tyres. Performance tyres offer unimaginable grip and slice through standing water. You can get the required performance of your vehicle if the tyres coming with the vehicle are not meant for high performance. You need to replace the original tyres of your vehicle with new performance tyres to get the performance you need from your vehicle. However, you need to keep one thing in mind that performance tyres are costly, and you should not be hesitant when spending money to purchase these tyres.

Select the Right Performance Tyres

The market is inflated with tyres as tyre manufacturers are manufacturing tyres in multiple categories. It is advised that you should stay away from all-season or ultra-high-performance tyres as these tyres do not offer better road grip for traction. You need to purchase performance tyres according to the season or three-season performance tyres.

Be Careful About Stats

Tyre companies put different stats about tyres on the removable labels that are mentioned on tyres. According to legal protocols, tiremakers are required to compare their products with other tyres to check the tread wear, traction rating, and survival temperatures. This information can easily be tracked through the tyre manual or the company’s website. You need to be careful about the stats of the performance tyres that you are buying. Tyre manufacturers are free to rate their tyres and you can compare tyres of different brands before making any decision.

Select the Right Manufacturer

Popular tyre companies like Michelin, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Pirelli, Yokohama, or others, are manufacturing performance tyres for years. The tyres manufactured by these companies are known for their better traction and motorists always like to buy these tyres. However, when you are looking to purchase performance tyres, you should not ignore the lesser-known tyre brands. There is a chance that these tyre brands might be manufacturing better performance tyres, which meet your expectations. Therefore, you need to study the tyre market comprehensively and purchase the best performance tyres for your vehicle.

Always Consider the Size of Tyres  

Motorists might be told that the taller and wider the performance tyres would be the better the performance of the vehicle. You might be interested in buying performance tyres that are widest or tallest. However, it is recommended that motorists should fit their vehicles with performance tyres, which suit the size of the vehicle. You should not cross the upper limit of your car’s tyre size when installing new performance tyres.

Ask Around

Motorists are always interested in purchasing the best performance tyres for their vehicles. To confirm the accurate size of the performance tyres for your very specific needs, you can call the company or ask the product marketing manager. You are advised to also check the customer reviews on the websites of tyre manufacturers. However, there is the possibility that you can get the wrong information about tyres through these channels. Therefore, to avoid any inconveniences when buying performance tyres, you need to get an expert’s opinion about the tyre you like to buy.


Performance tyres are manufactured by tyre companies to enhance the performance of a vehicle. Motorists can replace their old tyres with performance tyres according to their needs. These tyres are costly as the latest technologies are used in their manufacturing. Furthermore, you need to be careful about the size of the performance tyres to avoid any hassles when driving your vehicle. These above-mentioned tips are important to follow when you want to purchase new performance tyres for your vehicle to stay safe.

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