A Step-by-Step Guide for Changing a Tire

A Step-by-Step Guide for Changing a Tire
October 11, 2021 Comments Off on A Step-by-Step Guide for Changing a Tire Blog Betty Davis

Changing a car tire is one of the basic maintenance tasks that every car owner must know. In case they experience an unexpected tire blowout or realize that the tire has punctured, then they need to pull over and change the problematic wheel. Consider investing in the best-rated car tires that last long and you do not face problems unexpectedly. Moreover, keeping a close eye on tires that are old is the best way to make sure that they are replaced timely instead of facing any inconvenience. If, however, car drivers find themselves in a situation where they need to change the tire, they should first make sure that they are somewhere safe and park the car. They can then proceed to change the tire before resuming their journey.

New drivers may not be aware of the right process for changing a tire and they may feel lost in such a situation. The following step-by-step guide can help car owners successfully change a damaged tire during their journey or even at home.

What Do you Need Before Changing the Tire?

First, you need to assure safety by making sure that the area that you have stopped the car is safe, preferably off the road so that on-coming traffic is not a hazard. Turn on the hazard lights so that other motorists can spot the car even at night and make sure they pass by safely. If you have a reflective jacket it can prove to be helpful at night and so will a hazard triangle. This gear will be able to alert oncoming traffic at night. Check the owner manual and follow the instructions mentioned there.

Required Equipment for Changing Tire

Besides the advice that you can get from the owner manual, you will need the necessary equipment to change the tire. It is necessary that the vehicle has a spare wheel otherwise, you will need to get the car towed. If you have a spare take it out of the trunk along with the tool kit. Here is what you will need to change the tire:

  • Wrench (to remove the tire nuts)
  • Jack (for lifting the vehicle off the ground)
  • Wheel chock (to prevent the vehicle from rolling when the on jack otherwise you can use bricks)
  • Wheel nut key (in case the locking nuts are fitted)
  • Car handbook (for guidance during the process such as on jacking points)

While the tools mentioned above are necessary for changing the tire, the following can prove useful for the process as well.

  • Torch (in case you need to change the tire at night)
  • Gloves (the tire will be hot and dirty to you need to protect your hands)
  • Reflective jacket (to signal incoming traffic)
  • Warning triangle (so that the incoming traffic are made aware that there is an obstruction ahead)
  • Short plank of wood (to provide a flat surface for steadying the jack)
  • Tyre pressure gauge (to ensure that the spare tire is properly inflated and won’t give you any problems).

How to Change the Car Tire?

Once you have arranged all the tools, the next step is to get started with the tire change. First, ask all the occupants to vacate the vehicle and stay somewhere safe. Then apply the handbrake so that the vehicle does not slide.  After this, you need to position the wheel chocks so that the vehicle does not roll down when it is jacked up. Put the wheel chock behind the wheel that is opposite to the damaged wheel. For example, if the wheel you are replacing is the rear left wheel put the chock on the front right wheel. Use chocks for both front and rear wheels if you have them otherwise you can also look for large rocks or bricks and use them instead.

How to Change the Car Tire

Loosen the Wheel Nuts

Once the vehicle has been prepared, the next step will be to loosen the wheel nuts. This step is easier and safer if it is done with the vehicle on the ground. First, you need to remove the plastic rim of the wheel and turn the wheel wrench in an anti-clockwise direction to loosen the nuts until they reach a point where they can be loosened by hand. This step may be difficult, and the nuts are put in place tightly.  Make sure that the nuts are only loosened and not removed.

Apply the Jack

Every car has dedicated jack points that need to be checked by consulting the car handbook. Try to position the jack at the side of the car and closer to the punctured wheel. If you place a piece of wood under the jack it will help keep the jack stable. Once everything is in place, start lifting the car slowly and continue till the car has been lifted about 10-15 cm off the ground.

Apply the Jack

Remove the Wheel

Fully loosen the wheel nut to remove the tire by pulling it towards yourself. Lay it down flat on the ground. Next, mount the spare wheel on the protruding hub bolts or in line with wheel nuts slots. It will be heavy to lift off the ground to be able to do this. Once the wheel has been placed, tighten the wheel nuts by hand.

Lower the Car

Now you can slightly lower the car, so the spare tire comes in contact with the ground. By using the wrench tighten the bolts. Now bring the car down fully and remove the jack. Check the wheel nuts once to make sure that they are properly tightened.

Check Tire Pressure

Now check the tire pressure of the spare time to make sure that it is properly inflated and will not be problematic. You can drive to a nearby gas station to check this and get the punctured tire fixed.

Final Takeaway

A damaged tire can cause an accident that can lead to financial loss or can prove to be fatal as well. As tires carry the weight of the entire car are responsible for balancing it, you should not take tire safety lightly. In case of damage, the guide mentioned above can help you change the tire easily. It will also be helpful to purchase the best-rated car tires to avoid untimely damage or accidents.

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